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Meet Our Team!

Phillip Bunker and Roop Kaur standing in the woods

Phillip and Roop

Two close friends, Phillip Bunker and Roop Kaur, are the founders of Lucky Baby Diaper Services. Both partners are passionate about their families and have experienced the challenge of integrating sustainable practices in their own home lives. They created Lucky Baby to make it easy for families like yours to use products that are kinder on the planet and healthier for your baby all while enjoying a high quality customer experience which will set your mind and life at ease.


Roop Kaur

From Roop: I’m a wellness educator, high school teacher, registered dietician and Reiki healer and I’ve always felt more at home among nature and the elements. 


One of my core values has been environmental stewardship and I saw a wonderful opportunity to put my health-focused background to work for our Lane County community by partnering with Phillip to create Lucky Baby.

Roop Kaur in the mountains holding food in her hands

Phillip Bunker

From Phillip: I’m the father of three children and I’ve enjoyed many professions: teacher, chef, dad, bank teller, and Kindergarten through 3rd grade soccer coach. 


Living in Alaska when my first child was born, I quickly realized the build-up of stains and deposits in our family washing machine

Mom, baby, daughter, son sitting in a restaurant booth

completely turned me off to washing our clothes and towels in the same washer. There were no cloth diaper services at that time and the trek to the local laundromat was time-consuming and expensive. 

Fast forward to child number three and our move back home to Oregon, and I realized that starting a cloth diaper service would serve many purposes - give me extra bonding time with Beau, our chief diaper tester and 

all-round cutey, create a fulfilling work/life balance that would also provide a living for my family, and help others in our community save time and energy while helping to reduce waste in our world.

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