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The Lucky Baby Difference

The Diapering Team: You're Not Alone!

Roop and Phillip feel that parents deserve sustainable options with clear, knowledgeable guidance because every family and baby has different needs. (Where’s that owner’s manual when you need one?!)


Collaborating with the local birth community (Phillip's wife Kelly is a Certified Nurse Midwife), the Lucky Baby diapering team is able to connect with the area’s most experienced professionals. You’ll find the help you need through our website and resource links, and if needs or problems arise, you can always contact us directly. We’re parents ourselves and we know that this is the messiest, stinkiest, most joyous time of your life and we want to help make it a whole lot easier for you with a caring community.

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We love the way our community stands out as progressively tackling environmental and social concerns instead of just accepting the status quo. Lucky Baby is investing in more and more sustainable care in order to balance the needs of our clients with our shared love for the world’s future. Lucky Baby, Lucky Planet!

Why Choose Lucky Baby?

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