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  • Aren’t cloth diapers a pain to use?
    Not at all! We handle all the dirty work so you don't have to. Just toss your dirty diapers in one of our pails or you can use your own. No rinsing, no soaking and no scraping necessary! Our driver takes your dirty diapers away and delivers clean ones to you every week.
  • When should I sign up?
    The majority of our families choose to get set up pre-birth, but you can start service at any time and age.
  • When do you deliver?
    We deliver once a week. After you sign up for service, you’ll be assigned a pick-up/drop-off day determined by our energy efficient routing system. We’ll be delivering around major holidays as well!
  • How many diapers do I receive a week?
    You will receive 50-100 diapers with your startup supplies depending on your baby's age and needs. Then you’ll receive 50 on your first PICKUP/DELIVERY date when your service officially starts. If you need more, no worries! Call, text, or email and let us know if you need more, less, or if anything else is important.
  • How do I know which size diaper my baby is?
    We have a Size Chart on our website as well as on the Sign Up form. You can also call or email us if you need any help. If the sizes we carry are not working for any specific reason, let us know, we'd love to learn how to best serve your baby's needs!
  • How do the wipes work?
    Go completely waste free and use cloth wipes as well! Spray wipes 2 to 6 times depending on the mess, wipe your baby’s bottom (occasionally feet) and then throw them in the diaper pail along with your used diapers. You may want to purchase some disposable wipes (and diapers) for traveling or dropping off with a babysitter.
  • We already have our own diapers. Can we use those with your service?
    Sure! Call us and we’ll customize a plan that meets your needs.
  • Where should I put my dirty diapers for pickup?
    We deliver to your home during daylight hours, when neighborhoods are the most active and safe. You as the customer are responsible for items once they are left in the designated area, so we strongly suggest that your pick-up/drop-off location be protected, safe, and accessible to our driver. We won’t go into yards with loose animals, but we’re happy to use a back gate or open an outdoor cabinet to pick up your laundry and drop off the cleaned load.
  • Could you pick up and deliver to my work place?
    Absolutely, we are very flexible. Just let us know the location when signing up and we will make it happen.
  • What if my diapers don’t get put in my designated pickup space for pickup and drop off on time?
    No worries, we know you’re busy. We’ll be glad to make a special stop for you for an additional fee: 1st missed pickup: $8.00 2nd missed pickup: $16.00 3rd and all missed pickups after that: $25.00
  • Will I get charged if I lose, damage, or have some rental item stolen?
    Yes, regardless of the reason, we reserve the right to charge you for items that we have to replace.
  • What payment options are available?
    We only accept online payments – a current credit or debit card is needed. We have auto-recurring payments or you can simply log in every month and make a payment.
  • When are monthly payments due and what if I miss a monthly payment?
    Your recurring/monthly payment is due the first day of each month with a 5 day grace period. Missed payments will result in skipped deliveries. We will still pick up dirty laundry that week so we can protect our investment. 1st missed payment: $4.00 2nd missed payment: $8.00. 3rd and from then on: $15.00
  • What if I go on vacation or under-use my cloth diapers for a week, like say grandma did daycare for a week and used mostly disposables?
    Want to skip a week? No problem! We have to know one week in advance, no exceptions, because we will incur a spoilage cost if soiled diapers are ruined when sitting for two or more weeks. If you don’t notify us, then we will treat it as a missed pickup day and charge you a fee.
  • Why does Lucky Baby use pre-folds with Snappi's and Thirsties wraps instead of another diapering system?
    After much trial and error (thanks Beau!), we discovered that prefolds with 4-6-4 ply layering are the best for cleaning and drying in the long-term. Prefolds with 4-8-4 ply layering are available, but it is easier to add a small cloth insert if more absorbency is needed. Snappi’s are the simplest, quickest, and most effective prefold clasp we can find and we use them every day and love them. If you can show us a better system or brands that meet all our rigorous research and testing criteria, please send us an email!
  • How do I prevent leaking and blowouts in cloth diapers?
    We know the answer to this one thanks to our very own Beau, the blowout king. Watch our how-to video on why the gussets (like gutters) on Thirsties wraps, coupled with a little roll-and-tug to shape the inside of the legs part of the diaper, are helpful in preventing blowouts. And, messes always happen with every system. If it’s happening a lot then lucky-you, you have diapering allies that specialize in troubleshooting and training.
  • How will I know when my baby needs a new, bigger size?
    You’ll spend so much time with your baby and get such a good skill set of caring for them, it will likely be obvious. If you’re not sure but suspect it, just ask! 😀 That’s part of why we’re here.
  • Is cloth diapering more environmentally friendly?
    Cost and carbon footprint advantages for cloth diapering are actually disputed, but we love cloth diapering services for two simple reasons: we love natural, traditional fibers instead of disposable plastics plus the convenience of materials provided and serviced weekly. And our eco-laundromat really is an innovative game changer! We live with a local abundance of water and, in every way we can, we’re off the grid. Lucky Baby has a target of 90% home-based renewable energy, 10% EWEB renewables power price rate, and fields of flowers and native plants thriving off baby-made fertilizer mixed with our abundant wood chips (working on getting an electric tractor to help decarbon our wood chipper). Every customer we can keep for 2-3 years saves 5,000-6,000 used diapers going into the landfill. With a first year target of 100 customers, our little homegrown business will stop HALF A MILLION plastic-containing diapers from becoming part of the waste cycle here in Lane County. If you’re interested in researched statistics, we recommend this New York Times article to dive more deeply into this topic.
  • How do I discontinue my service?
    When you wish to discontinue service, please call us two working days in advance of your delivery. All clean and dirty diapers must be returned, along with the loaner pail (please wipe out the pail if messy), pail liner, wipes, and spray bottle. A per-item-fee will be added to your account for any diapers, wipes, liners, spray bottles, etc. that are missing or unusable. We are glad to refund your prorated account balance after you discontinue service. We charge a 5% fee for refunding any credit card payments. This covers the original fee that we paid to receive that credit card payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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