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Green Systems

We designed every inch of our operations to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible. Lucky Baby, Lucky Planet is not just a catchphrase to us but is the foundation of everything we do.

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Diapers and Supplies

After doing a lot of research and interviewing, we’ve partnered with companies who share our values. From diapers to detergents, we’ve made sure every link in our supply chain is as environmentally sound as possible. 


  • USA-made cleaning powder purchased in recycled heavy duty plastic buckets

  • Stainless steel diaper pails - not plastic

  • Cloth bags used for pail liners – not plastic

illustration of electric car

Electric Car Delivery

No fossil fuels for us! Our electric Chevrolet Bolt will be picking up and dropping off your laundry.  We’re saving for solar panels to charge it too!

illustration of of water well


Our water is drawn from the abundant well on our property, bypassing city utilities.

illustration of sun


We line dry and sun bleach whenever possible and practical – the less chemicals and energy used the better!

illustration of bag of compost

Composted Waste

We filter and collect the solids from your diapers, which are added to wood chips and placed in a composting site on our property to become fertilizer.  We use the fertilizer for growing flowers, medicinal herbs and plants, and to help our tiny forest thrive.

illustration of energy conservation - lightning bolt inside circular green arrow

Energy Conservation

Our hot water heater uses 25% less than a standard system. Our washing machines are high efficiency and our dryers use 50% less energy than conventional ones by utilizing heat pump technology.

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