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Other Items You Might Need

Snappi Diaper Fasteners 

Modern day diaper fasteners for prefolds! There’s other styles you’re welcome to use. These keep a light but effective tension in three opposing directions gently locking the prefold into place. It’s super flat and won’t get twisted around or shift position with multidirectional baby motions. Yet they are an inexpensive option that last a long time!

Diaper Covers

You will use these with prefold diapers. You can wash your own or we can do it for you!

Wipe Solution 

We’re working on making our own, but for now we buy the Baby Bitz tea tree and lavender tablets, mix with water in the spray bottlle to spray on our cloth wipes. They say $21 worth makes 2,000 wipes worth of spray solution.  That’s about a penny per wipe (we’re teachers, remember).

Cloth Diaper-Safe Ointment 

Please make sure that the diaper balm you use is not on our Avoid List. Some pastes contain ingredients that leave nearly-permanent deposits that can build up on diapers.  Ointments to Avoid: Beaudreaux's Butt Paste, Desitin. 

Travel Wet Bag 

What to do with that dirty cloth diaper in public? Keep a wet bag in your diaper bag!  Babies tend to be wet in general, (not too long after newborn until teething drool begins) so these often come in handy for much more than just diapers!

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